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    Average of 8 minutes cut out of each 1st & 2nd series episode (scenes often related to sex or drugs)
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  • The Third Season Has Three 90 minute Episodes
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Sherlock Episodes
First Season / Series:
  1. #1 A Study in Pink
    * PBS Cuts from "Study"
  2. #2 The Blind Banker
  3. #3 The Great Game
Second Season / Series:
  1. #4 A Scandal in Belgravia
    * PBS Cuts from "Scandal"
  2. #5 The Hounds of Baskerville
    * PBS Cuts from "Hounds"
  3. #6 The Reinchback Fall
Third Season / Series:
  1. #7 The Empty Hearse
  2. #8 The Sign of Three
  3. #9 His Last Vow
Special Episode January 2016

The Canon Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle

CBS's Elementary
Character Relationships
Two places and one piece of clothing are Almost Like Characters
How Modern Science Finally Catches Up to Sherlock Holmes

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