"A Study in Pink"
w. Steven Moffat d. Paul McGuigan
Cut scene for PBS, but in BBC version (original research from Calvero's Depot):
Ever wonder why Sherlock doesn't get dressed up in crime scene coveralls?
    After Sherlock heavily implies that Donovan and Anderson of having an affair, he and John enter the building.
    Sherlock tells John,"You should wear one of these."
    Lestrade demands to know,"Who’s he?"
    "He’s with me."
    "But who is he?"
    "I said he’s with me."
    John asks, "Aren’t you going to put one on?"
A scene is shown around here but then it is back to being cut:
    Sherlock asks Lestrade,"So where are we?
    "Upstairs. I can give you two minutes”
    “May need longer.”

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And another: Ever Felt the Cabbie didn't have enough motivation for killing strangers? Well so did Sherlock but it was cut from the PBS broadcast as was how Sherlock knew he had a sponsor:
Original research from Calvero's Depot
    "I’ve outlived four people. That’s the most fun you can have with an aneurism."
    (CUT) "No… No, there’s something else. You didn’t just kill four people because you’re bitter. Bitterness is a paralytic. Love is a much more vicious motivator. Somehow, this is about your children."
    "Oh…You are good, aren’t you?"
    "But how?"
    "When I die, they won’t get much, my kids. Not a lot of money in driving cabs."
    "Or serial killing."
    "You’d be surprised."
    "Surprise me."
    "I have a sponsor."
    "You have a what?"
    "For every life I take, money goes to my kids. The more I kill… the better off they’ll be. You see? It’s nicer than you think."
    "Who’d sponsor a serial killer?"
    "Who’d be a fan of Sherlock Holmes? You’re not the only one to enjoy a good murder. There’s others out there just like you, except you’re just a man. And they’re so much more than that."
    "What do you mean… more than a man? An organization… what?"
    "There’s a name that no-one says. And I’m not going to say it either. Now enough chatter."
See more cut scenes at Calvero's Depot

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