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Arthur Conan Doyle Story(s)
"The Six Thatchers" (Broadcast January 1, 2017)
w. Mark Gatiss    d. Rachel Talalay
In which Sherlock Holmes tries to find Moriarty's hand in what is behind someone breaking into homes to destroy plaster busts of Margaret Thatcher. Instead he finds that Mary is being tracked by someone who wants to kill her.
"The Adventure of the Six Napoleons"
In which Sherlock Holmes tries to figure out why someone is breaking into homes to break plaster busts of Napoleon
"The Sign of the Four"
The novel that introduces Mary and at the end of the story, Watson proposes to her
In which Sherlock Holmes borrows a dog named Toby who tracks someone across London until the scent mixes with similar scents to frustrate the chase.
#402 Arthur Conan Doyle Story(s)
"The Lying Detective" (Broadcast January 8, 2017)
w. Steven Moffat    d. Nick Hurran
Sherlock and Watson are estranged after Mary's death with both of them blaming Sherlock. But Sherlock is also pushed by Mary's video to "save" Watson.
"The Adventure of the Dying Detective"
In which Sherlock pretends to be dying to lure out Culverton Smith, the villain who sent him a poisonous package
#403 Arthur Conan Doyle Story(s)
"The Final Problem" (Broadcast January 15, 2017)
w. Mark Gatiss & Steven Moffat    d. Benjamin Caron
In which we find out about Sherlock's (and Mycroft's) mad sister.
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