Third Series: Three 90 Minute Episodes,
Cut for PBS by Less Than a Minute
The "Sherlock" Episode

Arthur Conan Doyle Story(s)
"The Empty Hearse" (Code Word*: Rat)
w. Mark Gatiss    d. Jeremy Lovering
In which Sherlock Holmes comes back from the dead after he was seen to jumped off a tall building after criminal mastermind Jim Moriarty ruins his reputation. When John finds out he is Not Dead, he gets so angry, he attacks Sherlock and it takes him a long time to forgive him for the pain he went through. Then the two of them stop a terrorist plot by Lord Moran to blow up Parliament on Guy Fawkes Day. They find the bomb in an underground carriage at a disused, even unknown, station below Sumatra Street.
"The Empty House" (Giant Rat of Sumatra referred to)
In which Sherlock Holmes comes back from the dead after he supposedly fell off the falls in Switzerland after a fight to the death with criminal mastermind Professor Moriarty. When Watson finds out Sherlock is Not Dead, he faints and when he comes back to consciousness, he immediatly forgives Sherlock. The the two of them lay a trap for the last of Moriarty's gang Colonel Moran. In another story ("The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire") Holmes tells Watson about "the giant rat of Sumatra, a story for which the world is not yet prepared."

"The Sign of Three" (Code Word*: Wedding)
w. Steve Thompson    d. Colm McCarthy
In which Sherlock agrees to be best man at Watson's wedding to Mary Morstan, a role to which he may not be entirely suited.
"The Sign of Four" (Second Story written about Sherlock Holmes)
In which Dr. Waton meets Mary Morstan, a client of Holmes', who impresses both Watson and Holmes. At the end of the episode Watson asks her to marry him.

"His Last Vow" (Code Word*: Vow)
w. Steven Moffat    d. Nick Hurran
"His Last Bow" (Last Story written about Sherlock Holmes) and "Charles Augustus Milverton"/"The Master Blackmailer" and "The Man with the Twisted Lip"
* The producers have spoken publicly about summing up these three episodes into one word each.
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