Notes and Facts about Sherlock
Steven Moffat, one of the co-creators of Sherlock said this about the character and his emotions:
"he wants to think he’s a high-functioning sociopath,.... He’s not a sociopath, nor is he high-functioning. He’d really like to be a sociopath. But he’s so fucking not. The wonderful drama of Sherlock Holmes is that he’s aspiring to this extraordinary standard. He is at root an absolutely ordinary man with a very, very big brain. He’s repressed his emotions, his passions, his desires, in order to make his brain work better — in itself, a very emotional decision, and it does suggest that he must be very emotional if he thinks emotions get in the way. I just think Sherlock Holmes must be bursting!”
from "Steven Moffat Explains the Origins of Sherlock’s Best-Man Speech" By Denise Martin

Most Common Misconceptions about Sherlock Holmes: Sherlockian Sherlock
According to Rolling Stone Magazine Steven Moffat says the following about the Sherlock he helped create:
  • "He likes to think of himself as a highly functioning sociopath.... More accurately, he's someone who wants the excuse of being a sociopath so that he doesn't have to do the things that bore him."
  • And Sherlock "isn't a Vulcan with no emotions — he's simply decided that things like sex and jokes would interfere with his deduction." "It's the decision of a monk, not an affliction.... It's an achievable superpower."
  • "He is not wrong to be distrustful of his emotions... And he will learn this ruefully in ["His Last Vow"]."
Calling himself a sociopath also frees him from having to be polite. Who would expect such things from a sociopath? the editor

The waltz Sherlock composes for John and Mary in "The Sign of Three"

This relates to "The Red Headed League" where Watson says of Holmes: "My friend was an enthusiastic musician, being himself not only a very capable performer, but a composer of no ordinary merit." (However, the Canon never backs this up by showing Sherlock composing anything — again Sherlock takes the Canon one step further.)

from "His Last Vow":
  • Sherlock claims to John that his full name is William Sherlock Scott Holmes ("His Last Vow")
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