Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss)
  • Wine connoisseur (implied by his discussion in "The Empty Hearse" of what wines are offered by the restaurant John will be in that evening).
  • He is on a diet and works out. This may explain why he is not as portly as Arthur Conan Doyle describes him.
  • He dresses in high fashion completely unlike his brother.. See This essay on Mycroft's Suits in each episode.
  • He moves in the highest levels of the British Government and Sherlock claims he is the British Government.
  • He is Sherlock's older, smarter brother.
  • He wears a gold band on his right hand.
  • Sherlock thinks Mycroft is lonely but Mycroft denies it.
  • He is probably more arrogant than Sherlock but he hides it better. He only tells Sherlock that he lives in a world of goldfish. The other people around him do not know he considers them merely goldfish.
  • He is willing to risk Sherlock's life for Britain, but he does "worry about him constantly". And to bring him back to save London from an attack, Mycroft goes himself instead of sending someone else well trained in such work.
  • Learned Serbian in two hours since it had a Slavic root with loan words from German and Turkish, indicating that he knows other Slavic languages as well as German and Turkish.
  • Promises to take his parents to see "Les Mes" but begs Sherlock to save him from the horror of it.
  • Spoiler from "His Last Vow"Although he knows all about John within a day of John moving in with Sherlock, he doesn't seem to have taken the same approach to Mary who is with John and Sherlock for at least eight months without any indication of her identity. This is unexplained.
  • Spoiler from "His Last Vow"He doesn't want his mother knowing that he smokes and Sherlock thinks he smokes like a beginner.

Mycroft Holmes claims not to be lonely

Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss) and Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch)

Mycroft Living in a World of Goldfish

Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss) and Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch)

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