Mrs. Hudson X

    Sherlock is showing John the apartment they could share the rent on but John is dupious. "A place like this must be expensive."
    "Not really. I know the landlady, Mrs. Hudson. She owes me a favor. A few years back, her husband was sentenced to death in Florida. I was able to help out."
    "You stopped her husband from being executed? Sherlock Holmes: Oh, no, I ensured it." — from "A Study in Pink"

  • She seems devoted to Sherlock.
  • When Mycroft crossly tells her to 'shut-up' both Sherlock and John call him on it and force him to apologize.
  • When she is attacked by armed men who want something Sherlock has, Sherlock punishes their leader by dropping him out a window. But she had the phone they were looking for all the time, and, though terribly frightened, she never let on she had it. When John suggests that she go to a relative for safety after the attack, Sherlock says England would fall if she left Baker St.
  • When John moved out after Sherlock's "death" he doesn't call her and she is hurt.
  • She is their landlady and not their housekeeper although she ends up doing some housekeeping, finding weird things around like a plastic ziplock type bag with thumbs.
  • She is one of the people Moriarty threatens in order to get Sherlock to jump to his death.
  • Mrs. Hudson never spoke in the Arthur Conan Doyle stories. She did, however, risk her life to help Sherlock (in "The Empty House", she moved the manikin that gave Colonel Moran a target to shoot at if the shape moved now and then so that they got the impression Holmes was a real target).
  • According to the Master Blackmailer, her full name is Martha Louise Hudson (nee Sissons), she is a semi-reformed alcoholic and has 21% debt. Both he and Sherlock know she did some exotic dancing and she thinks there is video on YouTube. She was a typist in her husband's drug cartel in Florida.

Sherlock Reacts When Mrs. Hudson is Attacked

Sherlock and John are Protective of Mrs. Hudson
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