"The Great Game"
w. Mark Gatiss d. Paul McGuigan
The Internet Movie Database has a Complete List of Cast and Crew
Originally Broadcast on BBC One August 8, 2010
According The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson, this all ended by April 1 (2010)

The Van Buren Supernova Mentioned in the last puzzle didn't exist.

Scenes taken from or related to the original Conan Doyle "Canon":
  • Sherlock shooting at the wall relates to this from "The Musgrave Ritual": "…when Holmes was in one of his queer humour he would sit in an arm chair, with his hair trigger and a hundred boxer cartridges, and proceed to adorn the opposite wall with a patriotic VR done in bullet pocks." These days the "VR" for "Victoria Regina", the queen at the time, wouldn't make sense.

Official BBC Promo

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