"A Scandal in Belgravia"
w. Steven Moffat    d. Paul McGuigan
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Originally Broadcast on BBC One January 1, 2012

According The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson, this began September 15 (2010) and ran through March 2011 

See information on the scenes cut from the PBS Broadcast
Scenes taken from or related to the original Conan Doyle "Canon":
  • In "The Illustrious Client" Holmes says, 'I am sorry. I am accustomed to have mystery at one end of my cases, but to have it at both ends is too confusing. I fear, Sir James, that I must decline to act." Which is more polite than the way he says it in this episode but in this episode he is dealing with his brother as well.
Mycroft and representatives of the royal family ask Sherlock to retrieve pictures from Irene Adler.

"Punch me in the Face." Sherlock tries a subterfuge to gain entrance to Irene's home.

See some scenes cut from PBS broadcast.

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