The third season started off a year after events in the second season, when Sherlock (Johnny Lee Miller) accepted an offer to work for the British MI6 spy agency. It was implied during the finale that he was returning to his native-England. When he revisits U.S. shores, Sherlock Holmes reunites with old friends in New York City. - See more at:

The CBS series Elementary stars Jonny Lee Miller as a modern day Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson. Holmes escaped from London to Manhattan where he entered rehab. After he got out his wealthy father hired Dr. Watson as sober companion for him. She had been a surgeon but she lost a patient through a mistake and also lost her medical license so she changed careers and for three years has worked as a sober companion to recovering addicts. Watson accompanies Holmes on his work helping the NYPD with its hardest cases and while doing so she learns some of Sherlock's tricks and is also able to apply her medical background. The two work with Captain Thomas Gregson and Detective Marcus Bell.

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Season One

# First Date Title Writer Director

#101 9/27/2012 Pilot Robert Doherty Michael Cuesta
In New York Dr. Joan Watson takes a job to keep a man sober. His name turns out to be Sherlock Holmes, from London; he escaped from a rehab center the day of his release,. She learns something of the skills of her "patient" and meets Captain Gregson of NYPD, who knew Holmes from London and sometimes turns to him on cases the NYPD has trouble with.

#102 10/4/2012 "While You Were Sleeping" Robert Doherty John David Coles
Watson joins Holmes on another case as Holmes is accused of harassing witnesses.

#103 10/18/2012 "Child Predator" Peter Blake Rod Holcomb
Holmes and Watson investigate a child abduction case, which Holmes thinks connects to a serial killer.

#104 10/25/2012 "The Rat Race" Craig Sweeny Rosemary Rodriguez
Holmes is captured by a serial killer, Watson is forced to tell Capt. Gregson about her job with Holmes, and Watson goes on a blind date. We learn Holmes dislikes bankers. 

#105 11/1/2012 "Lesser Evils" Liz Friedman Colin Bucksey
Holmes investigates what led Watson to stop being a surgeon and in checking on the last hospital she worked at, he is suspicious about many of the deaths there from "natural causes". In spite of no longer having a license to practice medicine, Joan uses her medical skills to save a girl's life.

#106 11/8/2012 "Flight Risk" Corinne Brinkerhoff David Platt
Holmes thinks a plan crash may have concealed a murder. His father is in town and has invited him to dinner but Holmes refuses to go even though Watson tries to convince him to do so. She later learns about Holmes past from a friend of his.

#107 11/15/2012 "One Way to Get Off" Christopher Silber Seith Mann
Holmes thinks a double homicide is related to a series of murders 13 years ago. In order to learn more about Holmes, Watson goes to visit the rehab center he was in just before they met.

#108 11/29/2012 "The Long Fuse" Jeffrey Paul King Andrew Bernstein
Holmes can find reason for a bombing attack and figures out it was met to explode four years previously. Watson plans to leave and encourages Holmes to consider a replacement sober companion.

#109 12/6/2012 "You Do It to Yourself" Peter Blake Phil Abraham
While Holmes's deductive reasoning skills finds the killer of a professor, Watson goes to help a former lover.

#110 12/13/2012 "The Leviathan" Corinne Brinkerhoff & Craig Sweeny Peter Werner
Holmes and Watson are called in when a bank vault which everyone declares cannot be broken into is. Watson's mother visits.

#111 1/3/2013 "Dirty Laundry" Liz Friedman & Christopher Silber John David Coles
A Manhattan hotel manager is found dead inside of an industrial washing machine. Holmes discovers that the woman was also involved in an illegal business. When Joan's contract as sober companion is up, Holmes offers her a paid apprenticeship as an investigator.

#112 1/10/2013 "M" Robert Doherty John Polson
Holmes captures "M" (Sebastian Moran) who killed Holmes thinks killed his lover Irene Adler. But Moran took the blame for the killing acting under orders from a mysrterious Moriarty so Holmes vows to hunt down Moriarty. Watson is beginning to be less and less sure about leaving Holmes for a new client who could never be as interesting.

#113 1/31/2013 "The Red Team" Jeffrey Paul King
Story by: Jeffrey Paul King & Craig Sweeny
Christine Moore
Holmes has been suspended from consulting for the NYPD but he investigates on his own the death of a conspiracy theorist and the killing of sleeper agents who participated in and American Military War Game and that case has national security implications.

#114 2/3/2013 "The Deductionist" Craig Sweeny & Robert Doherty John Polson
An FBI profiler and ex-lover of Holmes joins him in chasing down a serial killer. And Watson is evicted from her apartment when a man she had let stay there is discovered to have shot a pornographic film there.

#115 2/7/2013 "A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs" Corinne Brinkerhoff & Liz Friedman
Story by: Christopher Silber
Guy Ferland
Holmes is asked by Rhys, his ex-drug dealer, to find his kidnapped daughter. Rhys tells Holmes that he was a better detective when he was using and that causes Watson to worry.

#116 2/14/2013 "Details" Jeffrey Paul King & Jason Tracey
Story by: Christopher Silber
Sanaa Hamri
Detective Bell is shot at and later his suspected attacker turns up dead placing him under suspicion of a revenge killing. Holmes and Watson try to clear him. And Holmes again offers Watson to be his apprentice as an investigator since her contact as his sober companion has now expired,

#117 2/21/2013 "Possibility Two" Mark Goffman Seith Mann
Holmes starts to really teach Watson by testing her and sending her off on her own to a suspicious dry cleaners as they investigate a philanthropist who believes he has intentionally been infected with cerebral amyloid angiopathy, which is incurable.

#118 3/14/2013 "Déjà Vu All Over Again" Brian Rodenbeck Jerry Levine
Holmes sends Watson on her first solo case which involves a woman who has disappeared. Holmes is investigating the murder of a woman pushed off a platform by a man who previously had given her a flower bouquet.

#119 4/4/2013 "Snow Angels" Jason Tracey Andrew Bernstein
Ms. Hudson, an old friend of Sherlock's stays with them during a snowstorm as they investigate a robbery, during which a security guard is killed, and they try to prevent a further burglary in New Jersey.

#120 4/25/2013 "Dead Man's Switch" Liz Friedman & Christopher Silber
Story by: Christopher Silber
Larry Teng
A blackmailer (based on Conan Doyle's Charles Augustus Milverton) is murdered. Holmes and Watson hunt for an accomplice as Holmes approaches the one year anniversay of being sober which he doesn't consider significant.

#221 5/2/2013 "A Landmark Story" Corinne Brinkerhoff Peter Werner
Holmes learns Sebastian Moran is back and in chasing him he catches a killer hired by Moriarty (F. Murray Abraham). Moriarty forces Moran to commit suicide and leaves Holmes at a dead end but then Moriarty seems to call him.

#122 5/9/2013 "Risk Management" Liz Friedman & Robert Doherty Adam Davidson
Moriarty contacts Holmes to have him look into a murder and when Sherlock solves it, Moriarty offers to give him information about Irene Adler and although Moriarty lies, HOlmes and Watson find Irene in an abandoned house.

#123 5/16/2013 "The Woman" Robert Doherty & Craig Sweeny Seith Mann
Sherlock flashes back to meeting Irene as she is hospitalized with trauma thinking she has been psychologically torured for seven years instead of 18 months. But as she gets better, Holmes gets suspicious and it turns out she is Moriarty.

#124 5/16/2013 "Heroine" Robert Doherty & Craig Sweeny John Polson
Irene tells Holmes that 18 months ago Holmes seemed to be about to interfer with her plans so she fakes her own murder. After she gets away, Holmes tracks her down as she forces a father to murder a man to make a billion dollars in a trading scheme. Holmes fails to stop things in time and blows up at everyone around him and overdoes on drugs. Moriarty visits him in the hospital and reveals her part of the conspiracy and Holmes tapes what she says revealing that he faked the overdoes. She is arrested.

Season Two

# First Date Title Writer Director

#201 9/26/2016 "Step Nine" Robert Doherty & Craig Sweeny John Polson
Holmes and Watson go to London to help Lestrade who threatened a murder suspect with a grenade and then went into hiding. Sherlock discovers his estranged brother, Mycroft, living at his old apartment at 221B Baker Street as he sets out to prove Lestrade was right about the suspect if not about the threat.

#202 10/3/2013 "Solve For X" Jeffrey Paul King Jerry Levine
Holmes and Watson investigate the death of a mathematician working on a formula that could break any encryption anywhere. Watson reconnects with the son of the man who died because she made a mistake on the operating table; this son has always been kind to her and she had previously lent him money and now he asks for her to help him start a business by lending him more. Holmes strongly advises against it.

#203 10/10/2013 "We Are Everyone" Craig Sweeny Michael Pressman
Holmes and Watson track a hacker, investate murders and cyber terrorists, and have the CIA looking into them due to a frame up. And Sherlock gets a letter from Jamie Morarty.

#204 10/17/2013 "Poison Pen" Liz Friedman Andrew Bernstein
They investigate a murder the motive of which could be money or hatred. One of the people they talk to is a woman who helped him through a difficult time he had as a child. Watson as learned so much from working with Holmes that others are beginning to notice her using some of the same skills.

#205 10/24/2013 "Ancient History" Jason Tracey Sanaa Hamri
Joan admits to a friend that they aren't busy at the moment and the friend asks her to see if she can find a man whe had a one night stand with a year ago. Holmes goes to look at corpses to see if he can find something to investigate and he tries to talk Joan out of helping her friend find this man.

#206 10/31/2013 "An Unnatural Arrangement" Cathryn Humphris Christine Moore
Captain Gregson's home is invaded and the same MO is used in the murder of others. The invasion leads others to discover that Gregson and his wife have separated but at the end he resolves to work on his marriage. Holmes and Watson argue over what their partnership actually means amd at the end, Holmes encourages his partner to examine the cases that he didn't solve.

#207 11/7/2013 "The Marchioness" Christopher Hollier & Craig Sweeny Sanaa Hamri
Sherlock's brother, Mycroft, comes to New York to open a restauant and to get Sherlock and Watson to investigate his former fiancee who also has a history with Sherlock. It is all about a horse named Silver Blaze. Also see a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#208 11/14/2013 "Blood Is Thicker" Bob Goodman John Polson
Mycroft is still in New York and trying to get Sherlock to move back to London as Sherlock investigates the murder of a woman with ties to a dying billionaire CEO. Also see a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#209 11/21/2013 "On the Line" Jason Tracey Guy Ferland
Holmes and Watson investigate the death of a woman and discover it is a suicide that is meant to frame a man she thinks killed her sister. But the case doesn't stop there as Holmes uncovers a serial killer. Also see a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#210 12/5/2013 "Tremors" Liz Friedman Aaron Lipstadt
Holmes is giving evidence in a hearing about how Dectective Bell was shot protecting Holmes. The hearing is to determine whether Holmes and Watson should be allow to keep consulting for the NYPD. Bell saves them but transfers to another department so he no longer has to deal with Holmes. Also see a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#211 12/12/2013 "Internal Audit" Bob Goodman Jerry Levine
Holmes and Watson investigates which client of a Ponzi scheme tortured and murdered the hedge fund manager who ran it. And while still thinking about what happend with Detective Bell, Holmes considers sponsoring a fellow recovering addict. Also see a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#212 1/2/2014 "The Diabolical Kind" Robert Doherty & Craig Sweeny Larry Teng
Sherlock and Moriarty have been writing each other and in their letters they have even discussed Watson's love life. Watson discovers this as one of Moriarty's henchmen is behind a child kidnapping and the child turns out to be Moriarty's daughter. She escapes and kills her daughter's abductors but is injured in the process and Sherlock takes her back into custody and even thinks she may be turning a corner. Also see a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#213 1/9/2013 "All in the Family" Jason Tracey Andrew Bernstein
Bell finds a decapitated corpse in a barrel he inspects and calls in Watson who identifies the corpse as a mobster who had gone into hiding. So they have to then stop a mob war by finding his killer. Bell finds he can deal with Holmes. Also see a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#314 1/30/2014 "Dead Clade Walking" Jeffrey Paul King Helen Shaver
Watson investigates one of the old cases Sherlock had not been able to solve. Together they find they can solve it but a rare fossil is destroyed in the process and that upsets Sherlock as does his sponsorship of an addict whos old flame comes back into his life --- Sherlock tells him he knows how loving wrong people can push you over the edge and he tries to deal with the emotions involved in sponsoring another addict. Also see a Review of this episode by Matt Smith on Flickering Myth and a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#215 2/6/2014 "Corpse de Ballet" Liz Friedman Jean de Segonzac
Holmes investigates the death of a ballerina and he thinks that a prima donna ballerina, who he admires, is being framed. Watson tries to track down a homeless man. Also see a Review By Gregory Wakema of Yahoo TV, UK, Ireland and Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#216 2/27/2014 "The One Percent Solution" Bob Goodman
Story by: Bob Goodman & Craig Sweeny
Guy Ferland
After a bomb goes off killing several people including an up-and-coming man in a company where Lestrade is in charge of security. Also see a Review of this episode by Louisa Mellor of Den of Geek and a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club..

#217 3/6/2014 "Ears to You" Lauren MacKenzie & Andrew Gettens Seith Mann
A man who was suspected of doing away with his wife years ago receives in the mail two ears which turn out to match her DNA. Holmes and Watson try to figure out what is going on and also deal with Lestrade who has moved in with them and doesn't seem to want to leave even though Watson tries to help him. Also see a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#218 3/13/2014 "The Hound of the Cancer Cells" Bob Goodman Michael Slovis
Holmes and Watson are called in when a researcher, who had been accused of falsifying results, is killed. Bell transfer back to the station and asks Watson to track down a witness to a street killing who has gone missing. Also see a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#219 4/3/2014 "The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville" Jason Tracey Larry Teng
Bite marks, part of the MO of a serial killer, who was presumed dead, appear on new victims. The teeth are the same. Could the man they arrested, a man who had died in prison, have been innocent? Also see a Review of this episode by Myles McNutt of AV Club

#220 4/10/2014 "No Lack Lack of Void" Liz Friedman & Jeffrey Paul King Sanaa Hamri
A prisoner dies and Watson diagnose Anthrax so Holmes and Watson are brought in to track down the source of the contagion. When a friend dies, Holmes lies to Watson about what he died of. Also see a Review of "No Lack Lack of Void" by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#221 4/24/2014 "The Man With the Twisted Lip" Craig Sweeny & Steve Gottfried
Story by: Steve Gottfried
Seith Mann
Watson ropes Sherlock into helping an AA member who helped him when he first joined. Her sister is missing and when Holmes and Watson track her down, they get involved in the murder of a man involved with drones. Meanwhile Mycroft returns and Holmes and Watson notice his restaurant is being used by nefarious people. Also see a Review of "The Man With the Twisted Lip" by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#222 5/1/2014 "Paint It Black" Robert Hewitt Wolfe Lucy Liu
Watson has been kidnapped by people who frequent Mycroft's restaurant. Also see a Review of "The Man With the Twisted Lip" by Myles McNutt of AV Club.

#223 5/8/2014 "Art in the Blood"

#224 5/15/2014 "The Grand Experiment" Robert Doherty & Craig Sweeny John Polson
Sherlock and Watson endeavor to put their rising tensions aside while they help Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, who has been framed for treason and murder.

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