Background on the Series
  • "During the episode ‘A Scandal in Belgravia,’ the part where Sherlock takes Irene Adler’s pulse was not in the original script.... [It was an] improvisation courtesy of Benedict Cumberbatch." - source TV Rage or 20 Things you May (or May Not) Know about Sherlock

  • How to reach the cast and crew. Note: If you would like to maximise your chances of receiving a reply, it is vital to ensure you include a self addressed and stamped envelope, or a sufficient quantity of International Reply Coupons if sending from overseas. But Benedict Cumberbatch has put out the following message: "As much as he would like to, Benedict is unable to answer mail personally or sign personal items, it would just be impossible due to the overwhelming amount of mail he receives every week. However, it does ALL get read and he does see as much of it as possible and is very grateful for all the lovely gifts, kind comments and support the letters give him. From time to time, a photocopy signature will be sent in reply, but with so much fanmail, it is impossible to guarantee a reply."

  • Sherlock is now shown in 180 countries. - source The Telegraph

  • Wardrobe Information: Sherlock's coat, scarf, gloves, shoes, watch, suits, shirts, blue dressing gown. John's coat, parka, shoes, watch, cable knit jumper, jeans. Mycroft: suits, pocket watch, tie. Jim Moriarity: skull tie, suit, shirt.

  • Sherlock Inspired Pendants

  • "A 90-minute episode of Sherlock usually takes 22 days to shoot, and the packed schedules of all the main participants means that the three new shows have been made in 11-day blocks, throughout the year." - source The Telegraph

  • Sherlockology's Visit to the set with pictures.

  • "The studio is located in an anonymous warehouse on a dull industrial estate a few miles outside Cardiff.... Martin Freeman says, this is the 'kind of role that comes along rarely in a lifetime, beautifully written, designed and shot. 'I could live to 100 and not do many things better than this.’"
    "So when Freeman was first offered the title role in Peter Jackson’s sprawling Hobbit trilogy, he turned it down because the schedule clashed with Sherlock.... Jackson understood, and instead moved his schedule, filming The Hobbit in blocks with breaks so that Freeman could fly back from New Zealand to play Watson.- source The Telegraph

  • Telegraph writer By Sheryl Garratt was shown around the Baker Street set by "the production designer Arwel Wyn Jones.... He points out details: the death mask in the bedroom that was actually cast from one of the set painters; the mocked-up photograph of Sherlock and Mycroft on the beach as children; a print showing the anatomy of the bee, because in the Conan Doyle books Holmes eventually retires and keeps bees; a periodic table because he was a chemistry graduate; and the sabre he won in a fencing contest at college. Fans send things in, too, and one or two – an early edition of Goethe’s Faust in German, for instance – have made it into the mix."
    She asks "Jones what he’s most proud of, and he says the wallpaper. There are whole pages on fan sites dedicated to the wallpaper in the Baker Street flat. (For the record, the design on the living room wall is by Zoffany. It’s the Navarre print in dark chocolate, yours for £104 a roll.) 'Loads of people were shaking their heads asking me if I knew what I was doing with that, and now it’s on the official Sherlock website, people have it as a background on web pages everywhere, and it’s become a kind of iconic image of the show.’.- source The Telegraph

  • Sheryl Garratt goes on to discuss watching Cumberbatch and Freeman "record a scene that is both extremely funny and rather poignant, and the crew gathered around the monitor are all laughing along with me. What’s unusual is that we are all still laughing three takes later, because they’ve played it different each time.
    "'Watching them work together is quite special,’ says Una Stubbs, who plays Holmes’s landlady Mrs Hudson, a sweet, motherly lady with a well-hidden touch of steel. 'They’re an extraordinary combination. It’s quite nerve-racking at first, because the standard is so high and you don’t want to be the weak link....'                             
    "Even the clothes in Sherlock have a cult following. Holmes’s signature long coat is by Belstaff, which stopped producing it some time ago and which has showed no inclination to bring it back despite the demand. For the show, this presents a problem. The coats are virtually impossible to buy second-hand now, and the costume department has only three left, one of which was altered to fit Lara Pulver in the second series, and another that is on loan from Cumberbatch, who received it from Gatiss as a gift after the first series wrapped....
    "Perhaps the biggest achievement of all with Sherlock is that it is done on such a tight budget. The three new 90-minute episodes will cost about £5 million. This sounds like an awful lot of money until you consider that the second in the successful Robert Downey/Jude Law film franchise, 2011’s Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, had a budget of just over £77 million for its 129 minutes....
    "To run at 90 minutes, Gatiss says, the scale of the story in Sherlock has to be grand. 'But that can be on an emotional scale. The episode we’re doing now – in which John and Mary get married – is funny, delightful and different, but its emotional heart is devastating. And that’s a movie. That’s scale. It’s not about having to crash a truck into a mountainside.’’- source The Telegraph

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