Molly Hooper
Does anyone in Doyle's Canon Correspond to Molly?
No, the character only exists in the BBC's Sherlock.

What is her job title?
We don't know for sure? But she has a lot of authority since when we first meet her she is able to allow Sherlock to beat a dead body so he can check whether that causes bruising. And she was able to find a body and push it out a window which must have caused it a little damage. She is able to allow Sherlock just about unlimited use of the equipment in the lab. And she doesn't seem to have gotten into trouble for any of the things she has done or allowed him to do. And no higher authority ever shows up or seems to oversee her work. But is she the pathologist? Or a senior lab worker where the pathologist is away a lot or maybe just doesn't care? "The Uncovering Sherlock: The Women" behind the scenes documentary shown after "The Sign of Three" on PBS, refers to her as a "lab technician," but again there are questions as to how she has the authority to do what she does for Sherlock.   Baker Street Wiki says she might be a "Specialist Registrar". We don't know?

Is she as desperate for a boyfriend as she seems or just wants to show Sherlock she is more than just his doormat?
Moriarity manipulates her and it seems really likely that he is the one who wants to meet Sherlock not that Molly wants to show him off.  Meeting Sherlockt is why he took the job and took her out three times. Later Molly denies he was ever her boyfriend. Then there was the guy she got engaged to who looked and dressed a lot like Sherlock.

Why does Sherlock pick on her so much?
Maybe because he is beginning to feel guilty over the way he has treated her but he just tends to do the wrong things. He may have been pleased to think she was meeting someone else later Christmas even when he made the deductions about the special Christmas present? And sometimes he manipulates her for his own purposes. He intellectually knows she is "in love" with him and knows how easily he can hurt her but he doesn't really know what to do with that information. When she slaps him, in "His Last Vow," he stands and takes it; doesn't do anything to stop her until she stops.

Does Sherlock Trust Her?
He says when asking for her help in Reichenbach Fall that he does trust her and after that, he would naturally trust her more as she did what he asked and never gave a hint that she knew he was alive.

So what did Molly do for Sherlock when he needed her help in Reichenbach Fall?
1) He needed someone to declare that the body was his. Mucroft would identify the body but the mortuary would have to be in on it especially Molly since she would know the difference, 2) If the last explanation in the Empty Hearae was really how he did it, Molly was the person to find the body of the kidnapper who looked enough like Sherlock to frighten the child, 3) Once the body was found, it needed to be dressed in Sherlock's coat and pushed out the window to play Sherlock's corpse for John's first look just before he was hit by the bicyclist. Molly would have to be part of this and probably only Molly could do these things, and 4) and it is implied in "His Last Vow" (when everyone was tracking down Sherlock's various bolt holes) that after he jumped off the roof of Barts, faking his suicide, Sherlock may have stayed with her (in her bedroom while she stayed in her guest bedroom).
Sherlock tells her, "You made it all possible."

What is next for Molly
Co-creator Steven Moffat said that Molly will have an increased role in the fourth season. — source Breathe Cast referring to an interview with TV Guide.

12 Reasons Molly Hooper Is Rocking the Sherlock World
1) "She works in a morgue"; 2) "She bounces back"; 3) "She's clever; 4) "She's trustworthy"; 5) (see the list); 6) "She gets it"; 7) (see the list); 8) "She commits"; 9) "She's quiet AND strong"; 10) "She keeps it real"; 11) "She's ordinary"; 12) "She breaks all the rules". See the complete list and their reasoning.

Does Sherlock Care About Molly? How Does "The Final Problem" Scene Show That?
"Eurus tells Sherlock that Molly’s flat is rigged with explosives, and unless he can convince Molly to say the code phrase 'I love you' before the timer runs out, Molly will die.

"It’s cruel. In a way, that’s what makes the scene so brilliant. For Molly, it’s a painful phrase to utter 'because,' she says, 'it’s true.' And even though Sherlock succeeds in the challenge – 'I won! I saved Molly Hooper!' – the cost is high... Eurus reveals that Molly was never actually in any danger, so Sherlock hasn’t actually 'saved' her, and whatever he thinks he has 'won,' he’s now lost much more. 'Look what you did to her,' Eurus points out. 'Look what you did to yourself.' 

"Immediately, Sherlock ...smashes the coffin with his fists in a primal rage, an indication that — as the entire series thus far has aimed to show us — the most impressive aspect of Sherlock Holmes is not his brain, but his heart. Sherlock is deeply emotional, and it’s gut-wrenching to see him so distraught over causing emotional harm to someone else, someone he used to slight without a moment’s hesitation or afterthought. Now that’s character growth. Plus, this scene is a callback to “A Scandal in Belgravia,” when Sherlock humiliates Molly at a Christmas party, completely blind to her affection for him. Sherlock is surprisingly chastened when he realizes his mistake, and the moment marks an important crack in his emotionless facade."

In "His Final Vow"

Masterpiece with Actress on the character of Molly

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